1980 CR80 Project

"At last. A little red pepper to make the competition sweat"

1980 was the year the CR80 model was introduced and it also carried the Elsinore name. The name Elsinore comes from the famous Elsinore Grand Prix in Lake Elsinore, South California. The following year was the last year Honda used the name Elsinore for it's motorcross bikes.

Here's some of what Cycle World said about the 1980 CR80 back in June 1980:

"When Honda finally decided to build an 80 the factory jumped into the act with both feet. The CR80 looks like the larger Honda motocrossers right down to the red engine. And what an engine it has. It is a two-stroke single with heavily finned cylinder and head. The cylinder has a chrome bore surface, with six ports. A 26mm Keihin carburettor feeds premixed fuel through a large reed valve and the exhaust is routed through an up and over expansion pipe and small silencer. The small lower end has a close ratio six-speed transmission and a large wet clutch.

A CDI ignition ensures easy starts and primary kick starting makes the occasional stall less of a problem. Honda claims the potent little engine pumps out 16.5 bhp at the crankshaft. We didn't dyno the CR80 but we did race it several times and it pulled other 80s in the straights."

The project bike was number 5960 off the KUMAMOTO Japan production line in November 1979. Plan is the restore to race spec

First pic shows this frame fitted with a 1982 CR80 engine. Perfect fit.

After a good clean.

New plastics and seat cover from DC Plastics. Also new rear shocks from Yasusu.

Vintage Ad for 1980 CR models:

Tank and pipe.

Stripped the tank bare. Ready for paint prep.